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Rootplanner PrecisionThe Precision Farming approach that puts the farmer's knowledge at the centre of the process. The service, which is delivered by your agronomist, is proven to deliver wide-scale commercial benefits. Clients become members of the Rootplanner Precision club, this enables all users and advisors to share knowledge and experiences to develop farmers' use of technology further.

Fields are split into smaller management zones to increase efficiency of input use. It is then possible to document variation in soil types and this is essential for any in field variable application decisions. Using relevant information e.g. soil series maps, historic field boundaries, previous soil management and other GPS data, soil variation within fields are identified. A detailed soil sruvey (conducted by a soil scientist) categorises soil variation using GPS equipment to create distinct management zones. Soil samples taken within the zones generate variable rate application plans via the Rootplanner Precision toolbox.

The key benefits of Rootplanner precision are as follows: The grower is able to accurately target fertiliser to areas of most need, plan precise seed rates according to soil type variation as well as achieve higher yields with more "even" crops and at a lower cost.

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