Catching Opportunities to Drill and Spray Crops – Farmers Guardian – Ben Treadgold

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Ben Treadgold_croppedAs growers continue to struggle to establish winter cereals, it has been a case of waiting to see whether crops will emerge before decision-making on herbicide application.

Farmacy agronomist Ben Treadgold, based in north Lincolnshire, estimates about 20 per cent of winter cereals have been sown in his area.

He says: “Some went in very nicely, some not so well, and we are waiting to make a call on herbicides for some which were drilled and sat in water for a week or more to see whether they emerge.



“Cereals which went in well on light free-draining soils had pre-ems, but for those which went in a bit rougher on heavier or wetter soils, we are waiting to see what crop we have before applying a flufenacet-based post-em residual.”

A dry forecast for the past week (week commencing December 2) should allow an opportunity to apply Astrokerb (propyzamide+ aminopyralid) to oilseed rape crops ,says Mr Treadgold.

“It is a case of catching opportunities when they arise."

He says there is still the chance to get winter cereals in, but advises increasing seed rates by 15-20 per cent to compensate for fewer tillers.