Haconby Fen - Verticillium Wilt Trial

Varieties studied over the last three years at two trials sites. Images below from the Lincolnshire site at Haconby Fen where the same varieties are showing a greater severity of infection over the last three seasons.
Note: The trial is aimed at expressing Verticillium Wilt and the drilling method does not favour root establishment for any variety tested.
Lodging Score: 0 - Poor, 10 - Good
haconby cabernet   haconby d05
DK Cabernet: 5.7.
Yield: 2.35 t/ha

  D05: 9.7
Yield: 3.0 t/ha

haconby d06   haconby expower
D06: 9.7
Yield: 2.75 t/ha

  DK Expower: 2.3
Yield: 2.65 t/ha

haconby troy   haconby w21
Troy: 9.7
Yield: 2.8 t/ha
  W21: 7.7
Yield: 3.05 t/ha
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