Farmacy Spring 2017 Technical Seminar

Date: Thursday 23rd February

5.30pm for registration and coffee with Seminar starting at 6pm – finishing with pie and pea supper

Venue: The White Heather, Caenby Corner, Market Rasen LN8 2AT

RSVP by Monday 20th February confirming your attendance to:

Phil Burrell – email:
[email protected]mobile: 07788 340735 


“Review of North Lincs Cover Crop Site Plus Future Plans” – Alice Cannon, Agronomist, Farmacy

• Review of individual species and their performance

• Benefits of mixtures vs cost

• Future site plans

“Learnings from Yield Enhancement Network 2016 and Practical Advice for 2017” – David Howard, Regional Technical Manager, Farmacy

• What were the causes of low yields in 2016?

- Measurement for management

- The foundation of agronomic yield building

- Interesting consistencies of top yielding entries from 3 years YEN data

• Can these be mitigated against? Practical guidance as to how for 2017/2018 crop

- Cultural measures

- Chemical measures

- Nutritional measures

“Management of Spring Crops for Optimum Returns” – Dick Neale, National Technical Manager, Hutchinsons

• A Review of the establishment and agronomy of spring cereals on heavy land

• Focus on the interaction between seed rate, tiller number and grain number on yield

• Importance of correct PGR’s, fungicides and crop nutrition to maximise yield and return

• Update on technical agronomy issues effecting pulse crops

“A Master Class in Spring Herbicide and Fungicide Application” – James Thomas, New Farming Technologies Specialist EU North, Syngenta

• Overview of current best application practice for combinable crops

- What? When? and How? to apply plant protection products

• Future importance of enhanced drift control in a tough regulatory environment

- How can we use technology to achieve this without reduced efficacy

• Update on future farming technology projects coming from Syngenta