Little Ponton RTC Updates June 2017

Little Ponton Update (16/06/17) - Edition 4

Greg Hopkinson & Sally Morris

LG Sundance – Even in the untreated plot shown above, the levels of disease are very low in LG Sundance.

KWS Santiago – The untreated plot of KWS Santiago is surprisingly clean at Little Ponton.

Winter Cereals

All the winter wheat varieties at Little Ponton are some way through flowering, with some varieties such as KWS Kerrin, Silverstone and Belgrade only just starting flower while LG Sundance, Costello and Zulu are getting towards the end of flowering.

The levels of disease are generally very low, even in the untreated plots. Yellow rust can be found in the untreated plots on susceptible varieties such as Reflection, Skyfall and JB Diego. However, other varieties which have suffered with yellow rust this season or in the past such as KSW Lili and KWS Santiago are not showing any symptoms at Little Ponton this year.

Brown rust is also starting to appear in susceptible varieties with especially high levels in KWS Santiago, KWS Basset and Graham.

The levels of Septoria are extremely low in most of the untreated plots, especially on the upper leaves. LG Sundance, KWS Siskin and KWS Crispin stand out from the other varieties as being particularly free from disease.

Mildew is the main disease which can be found in the untreated plots, with especially high levels in Shabras, KWS Santiago, Revelation and Leeds.

Of the newer varieties LG Sundance, Costello, KWS Siskin and KWS Crispin all look particularly promising.

KWS Irina – Very little disease in the spring barley varieties, such as KWS Irina, at Little Ponton.

Cochise – The only spring wheat with yellow rust in it at Little Ponton.

Spring Cereals

The spring barley at Little Ponton is at GS59, ear fully emerged. Laureate, Planet and Cocerto are slightly behind with some of the ears still emerging. All the plots are generally free from disease with little difference between treated and untreated. Propino is the only variety with mildew in it, however this is at fairly low levels even in the untreated plot. The untreated Sienna and Concerto plots also have very low levels of Rynchosporium in them. The only other points of interest from the spring barley plots was that KWS Irina is significantly shorter than the other varieties. Also, Laureate doesn’t seem to have tillered quite as well as other varieties, with slightly less ears per m2. Most of the spring wheat varieties are also at GS59, with Chilham being the only variety which is slightly behind this. The levels of disease in the spring wheat are extremely low, however new variety Cochise is showing high levels of yellow rust. The Little Ponton open day is on Wednesday 28th June with the first tour starting at 10am.